Nankai Biotech Co., Ltd.

Nankai Biotech Co., Ltd.

Company Details
Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Brands: NKBIO, SmarKIT
No. of Employees: 200~500 People
Annual Sales: US$ $20,000,000 - US$ $50,000,000
Year Established: 2005
Export p.c: < 10%
Company Description
Nankai Biotech Co., Ltd is an international biotechnology company focusing on researching, manufacturing and marketing Rapid Test Kits based on the technology of Colloidal Gold Immune chromatographic Strip Assay (GICA) for Food and Feed Safety, The Third Party Lab, Building Food quality managment tracking system for more than 10 years.


For international business, we currently only provide rapid test kits that used to detect residues of mycotoxins, antibiotics, beta-lactam, veterinary drugs, pesticide for foods and feeds rapid testing.


Such as:

---Mycotoxins rapid test kit (Aflatoxin,Zearalenone,Deoxynivalenol/Voitoxin, Ochratoxin, T2/HT2...)

---Chloramphenicol residue rapid test

---Tetracyclines residue rapid test

---Nitrofurans (AOZ, AMOZ, AHD, SEM) residue rapid test

---Streptomycin residue rapid test

---Sulfonamides rapid test 

---Fluoroquinolones residue rapid test

---Malachite green residue rapid test

---Tylosin rapid test kit

---Beta-agonist (Clenbuterol, Salbutamol, Ractopamine) rapid test


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We currently have following product lines:

1) Rapid Test Kit for feed and grains (major are mycotoxins)

2) Rapid Test Kit for livestock and poultry (detect animals meat or urine)

3) Rapid Test Kit for honey

4) Rapid Test Kit for seafood and fish

5) Rapid Test Kit for milk

6) Rapid Test Kit for Eggs & Edible Oil


All rapid test products are easy to use, can be applied to both lab and field testing and the sensitivity responds to EU and US FDA Norms. It only takes 3~5 minutes for results. 


we now have following product lines available:
1) Rapid test in feed and grains
2) Rapid test in seafood and fish
3) Rapid test in animal meat and urine
4) Rapid test in honey
5) Rapid test in milk
6) Rapid test in eggs & edible oil





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